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Early to bed & early to rise, makes a man Healthy, Wealthy & Wise…Grown up listening to this quote shared by my Grandfather, I lived with this philosophy till I reached my teens, not knowing what late nights are & how it can affect my health .. In my adolescence & early adulthood, I spent the nights completing assignments and homework & the day went in just running around from classes to college and back…Soon after my engineering I decided to Design my own life over designing machines and ventured into the league of Entrepreneurs…My journey was that of an exciting Roller Coaster ride for the first year, until one day, someone asked me “What is Your Dream”? ….. That brought a big pause in my life… I was so busy trying to survive that I had forgotten to Breathe…It’s since that day till today that I have lived everyday thinking, planning and pursuing my Dreams and I Dream that more people join my league and taste this side of Life…The Life where you have Freedom to do what you Love!!

Hexa Health Dimensions was formed keeping in mind the first small step which is crucial to start the journey towards the BIG change – Decision to Be Healthy


Because I believe that Good Health can add Happiness, Fun and Longevity in pursuing what we love

- Jyot Kaur Rekhi (Dreamer)


To Touch Lives Globally & Help People Achieve Their Health Goals


To Reach Out To As Many People As We Can And Provide Them With The Solution & Opportunities To Lead A Healthy Life


To build a community of global citizens who follow ethical,honest,empathetic, healthy practices and be a good example for others…We have started our journey towards committing first to our own Health-Up (Raise Health Standards) and then empowering others to health-up


We believe that our actions must have a positive impact on the people around us and so our Family engages with different groups of people to create awareness on Health-Up, as well as on creating opportunities for people to benefit from the services that we offer


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